Thursday, 29 July 2010

vacationing in purgatory

bloody great box of bones you stalk my life
walking on four legs in the mourning
gears clacking cough racking
with a twisted smile
i hide behind children throwing stones
and lick the platter in atonement
scheming my nemesis and fears whirring
a machine machine machine

so much for this brave new world i would pray to god but god has packed up his bags and gone vacationing in purgatory

Russell J Turner - July 2010

on cherche grothendieck

deep in the valleys of the pyrenees
he constructs his tesseract
inverted cubic cross
collapsed into the mundane
four arms to the four winds
driving back the devil
from some perfect world

this is the house that alexander built
this is the category of the incognito
this is the metamorphosis of the sane
this is the geometry of the vietcong
this is where travellers stare into the sun
and write their quest across the sky
and write
their quest
across the sky
Russell J Turner - July 2010

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Books What I Have Read

January to June 2010

Byzantium - Giles Morgan (4)
The Cranes that Build the Cranes - Jeremy Dyson (3)
The Assault on Culture - Stewart Home (7)
Nadja - Andre Breton (8)
The Last Days of Hitler - Anton Joachimsthaler (6)
Distant Star - Roberto Bolano (9)
Last Evenings on Earth - Roberto Bolano (7)
Regeneration - Pat Barker (7)
Nazi Literature in the Americas - Roberto Bolano (8)
The People's Manifesto - Mark Thomas (6)
Iron Council - China Mieville (9)
The Savage Detectives - Roberto Bolano (10)
Against Nature (A Rebours) - Joris-Karl Huysmans (8)
By Night in Chile - Roberto Bolano (9)
Amulet - Roberto Bolano (10)
Roberto Bolano: The Last Interview - Monica Maristain et al (7)
Shadowland - William Arnold (5)
Pulp - Charles Bukowski (8)
Black Snow - Mikhail Bulgakov (8)
Headspace - Amber Marks (7)
The Fortunes of Grace Hammer - Sara Stockbridge (6)
The Artist and the Mathematician - Amir D Aczel (4)
The Coming Insurrection - The Invisible Committee (5)

Films What I Have Seen At The Cinema

January to June 2010

Nine (3)
Avatar (6)
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll (8)
A Prophet (9)
The 39 Steps (5)
The Road (6)
Up in the Air (7)
A Single Man (7)
Shutter Island (8)
The Headless Woman (7)
The Killer Inside Me (8)
Greenberg (7)