Tuesday, 11 January 2011

they'll all be dead in six months anyway

when the ship sank there was barely time to break out the brandy dig out the manual figure out this new calculus this other set of variables

when the ship sank do not forget this is war my son i won’t papa just this once but never again i won’t papa they will use this to put a noose around my neck just put the cross around my neck papa and be done

when the ship sank adrift in an ocean literal and spiritual no place of sanctuary nothing but a big red talisman to hide behind and whisper

when the ship sank called to the others not sleeping but wideawake they came from the west lost in translation lost in jubilation into the waters into the boats cut the ropes cut the ties that bind

when the ship sank everything changed he was a good man good man shake his hand but they’ll all be dead in six months anyway

Russell J Turner – January 2011

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