Monday, 30 May 2011

some weird sin

iggy on the stereo sunday morning windows wide open blasting out the neighbours but who gives a toss crashed on the sofa scavenging joint butts for a pipe hoovering the dregs of headfuck cider mad juice i hear you vomiting noisily into the sink bent over laddered leggings and short black skirt something snaps and i grab your waist spin you round just enough time for shocked eyes in streaking make-up mouth wide open i kiss you hard smoke and booze and sick mixing with lust and panic struggling and kissing and kissing and struggling then something snaps in you licking my face biting my neck rolling in the crushed cans howling the words i feel stuck on a pin laughing and kissing and kissing and laughing i feel stuck on a pin just some weird sin

Russell J Turner – May 2011

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