Wednesday, 8 July 2009

half in love

half in love is half in pain and
half in pain is half in vain and
half in vain is half in hope and
half in hope is half a rope and
half a rope is half a drop and
half a drop is half a stop and
half a stop is half a start and
half a start is half a heart and
half a heart is half a head and
half a head is half a bed and
half a bed is half a breath and
half a breath is half a death and
half a death is half your days and
half your days are half your ways and
half your ways are half the map and
half the map is half the trap and
half the trap is half the kill and
half the kill is half the will and
half the will is half the win and
half the win is half-way in and
half-way in is half-way out and
half-way out is half in doubt and
half in doubt is half a fake and
half a fake is half a break and
half a break is half a bust and
half a bust is half in lust

Russell J Turner - March 2009

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