Friday, 10 July 2009

Leave Dada!

Leave your hearth and leave your home,
cross the Alps and conquer Rome.
Fly away! Fly away!
Join the circus, fly away.

Leave the city, leave the town,
burn the fucking temples down.
Fly away! Fly away!
Save your soul and fly away.

Leave the future, leave the past,
tie your children to the mast.
Fly away! Fly away!
Smell the coffee, fly away.

Leave the sunshine, leave the light,
walk in darkness and the night.
Fly away! Fly away!
Kill your king and fly away.

Leave the path and leave the trail,
go and dwell beyond the pale.
Fly away! Fly away!
Shoot the moon and fly away.

Leave your heart and leave your brain,
break your love on wheels of pain.
Fly away! Fly away!
Build a brothel, fly away.

Flog your horse and fly away,
sink your ships and fly away,
hang your gods and fly away,
God forgive you, fly away,
I forgive you, fly away,
I forgive you, please just stay.

Russell J Turner - July 2009

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