Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Fatuous Counsel Shines

A series of random musings.

Every Married Fuller Relays a Trace

I had to look the word 'fuller' up in the dictionary.
It means one who fulls cloth.
Now cloth I understand, but how does one full it?
I know how how to fill it, to twill it, to drill it.
To even Bang and Cillit.
But to full it is to scour and beat it.
And the vision of a married fuller bringing his work home,
Relaying a trace of unfulfilled satisfaction
On his scoured and beaten wife,
Was too much to contemplate.
So I turned it off
And powered it down.

A Victim Amazes a Finished Tourist

She was a finished tourist.
Not a Finnish tourist.
But a finished tourist,
Like Moe Tucker in those Velvet Underground photos,
A naughty schoolgirl amongst Nordic ice blondes
And impossible men with shades.
Perhaps a victim once, but now amazed
To find herself, at last, in the town of her dreams.

The Collective Challenges the Suffix

"We, the undersigned,
Wish to express our disagreement, our disappointment,
Nay, even our disgust,
At the unilateral decision
By the permanent steering committee
To label our endeavours, our struggles,
Nay, even our sacrifices,
With an 'ism'.
'Ism' is a bourgeois concept,
A weapon the petty minded use
To oppress their enemies with language.
For we are freeborn men and women,
Ready to fight, to bleed,
Nay, even to die,
For Universal Socialism."

Protein Opens the Sexist Grave

The screams of centuries beat their drum:
Protein opens the sexist grave!
The baby-killers have their fun:
Protein opens the sexist grave!
Mitochondrial DNA:
Protein opens the sexist grave!
The Mother Goddess shows the way:
Protein opens the sexist grave!
Protein opens the sexist grave,
Protein opens the sexist grave.
Like the Worm Ouroboros, I creep in the grass;
Protein opens the sexist grave!
Like the Worm Ouroboros, I'm up my own arse.

Why Does an Impaired Galaxy Sweep Across the Recipient?

"This examination lasts two hours.
You may use as much rough paper as you wish,
But all working must be handed in with the answer sheets.
Attempt no more than three of the five questions."

"Question One:
Why does an impaired galaxy sweep across the recipient?"

I knew I should have revised that.

Russell J Turner - February 2010

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